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Our Services: Requesting a Purchase: Making a request

Reasons for Request

When you make a resource request you will be asked for the reason of the request.

  • General Interest: Personal interest/Reading for Leisure/ Developing the Library Collections
  • Needed for Dissertation/Theses
  • More Books/additional copies
  • Liberate My Library: Books that represent BAME, LGBT+, Disability and Gender and Identity
  • Research: Academic research work
  • Wellbeing: to support wellbeing, physical and mental health.
  • Accessibility: If there is a reason why an ebook is unsuitable ( reason or no access to electronic copy) 
  • College Library Requests: Requests can be made for certain College Libraries who have signed up for this service. (Speak with your College Librarian for more information about this)

If items are needed for teaching/reading list for a specific module then they need to be made by Academic Staff teaching on that module via Talis Aspire.

Making A Request

If you would like to request a resource for purchase by the library, you can do so using the Purchase Request Form.

The Purchase Request Form is the easy way for you suggest a purchase for the library collection.

All members of staff and all students from across the University request a purchase for a book that you need. You don't need permission from your department to make a request. If you do have a Library Rep though in your department they can offer advice if needed.

If your purchase request is for an individual journal volume or a subscription to a journal please contact your Faculty Librarian to ask about this. If you are just wanting an article from a journal then Inter Library Loan is another option for you.


*If you are responsible for a reading list for teaching please submit those requests via Talis Aspire.*



Remember: Please check Discover to check our current availability. 

Tip: In order to process your request quickly, it is helpful if you can provide as much information as possible.

  • Please use a separate form for each item suggested.
  • Provide as much information as you can.
  • Supply a last useful date. Please give at least 7 days notice for the request to be approved or rejected.
  • If you are unsure if an eBook is available and a print copy is acceptable please tick the box print copy acceptable on the form.


  • All suggestions will be considered by the Library. We will contact you if we are unable to order the title or if we require additional information.

Ebook and Print Book Ordering


The Library has an eBook first purchasing policy. This means we will purchase an eBook where there is one available for  a library to purchase.

If no eBook is available the Library will purchase a print copy ONLY if the option on the Purchase Request Form 'Print Copy Acceptable' is ticked. If this is not ticked the request will be rejected if no eBook is available.

If there is an accessibility reason why an eBook is not suitable please give details in the reason for request section of the form and tick the box 'Print Copy Acceptable'. All requests will be carefully considered, excluding personal preferences for print format.


Ordering Stages

Stage 1: Request for purchase submitted to the library.

Stage 2: Library staff assess request..

Stage 3: Requests are ordered by the acquisitions team. Requests submitted using the purchase form are acknowledged once approved.  (If unable to order the requestor will be notified. You can also view the status of your request by logging into your account on Discover. On some occasions an Inter-Library Loan request may be made unless a purchase has specifically been asked for). Once a title has been ordered it will display on Discover.

Stage 4: While the items are on order, library staff catalogue the item.

Stage 5: Items are supplied to the library..

Stage 6: Items are processed/activated ready for reading/collection.

Stage 7: Items are available to borrow or read online.