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Our Services: Requesting a Purchase: Information for Academics

Information for academics

Depending on the type of request for purchase there are two main routes for requesting a purchase.

1) If your request is for a reading list, you must submit your request via Talis Aspire.

2) If your request is NOT for a reading list, please use the Purchase Request Form. 

If you need assistance using Talis Aspire, please contact your Faculty Support Librarian.

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Ask Us

You can get in touch through our live chat service or by email, and search our FAQs for answers to your questions.

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Requesting resources for purchase for reading list

To request purchases, you must first add the relevant resources to your Talis reading list and then request a review. Remember to publish the list again to reflect any changes in the students' view,

Further guidance for requesting purchases is available in the following guide:

Tip! The Library will always let you know of any items that are unavailable to purchase so you can consider alternative texts.

Requesting a purchase using the Resource Request Form

If you need to request a resource for purchase that is not for a reading list, please use the Purchase Request Form.

Please provide as much information as possible on the form so that we can process the request as quickly as possible, 

We have an eBook first policy so, where an eBook is available for purchase, we will buy that. If no eBook is available, we will then buy a print copy, as long as you have indicated that a print copy is acceptable by ticking the box 'Print Copy Acceptable' at the bottom of the form. If there is a reason why an eBook is not suitable, please mention in the note field and it will be taken into consideration.

Subscriptions: Journals/Databases/eBook Packages

In order to manage budgets for resources with ongoing costs, we have to carefully consider the impact of taking out new subscriptions. If you would like the Library to subscribe to a journal or database not currently available in our collection the request needs to come from a department via their Faculty Support Librarian who will offer advice on how to do this.