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DULib Wellbeing: Books and Electronic Resources

Books and Electronic Resources

Within our collections

Before you buy every item on your reading list, take a look at the eBooks we have available in our collections and borrow them instead! Our helpful video on Finding an eBook using Discover will help you to get started.

Non-academic resources

We have so many books and resources available to you in our libraries, but it’s not just about your studies! We also have a variety of fiction books for leisure reading, and lifestyle books including cooking, budgeting, wellbeing and craft activities - all available for you through your library.

You can search our library catalogue, Discover to see what is available. If you're looking for fiction titles, we've created a Recommended Fiction reading list, which includes titles that have been requested or recommended by students and staff - a good place to get started.

Wellbeing Books and Resources

We have lots of resources to do with wellbeing and mindfulness that can be found in Discover.

Below you can find a selection of mindfulness resources that are available as an eBook or as a physical copy:

You can search Discover yourself to see the resources we have available - we have lots of online resources that can be accessed from wherever you are.

Find your local library

More Books

More Books is an easy and direct way for all Durham University staff and students to tell us about books you think should be added to the Library. 

Whether it’s more copies of existing books, a book we don’t have or a new book that’s just been published, let us know by making a request and we will try and buy it. This can include fiction, wellbeing or general interest, as well as academic books.

To find out more about how to make a request, visit our Requesting a Purchase guide.

Liberate My Library

Liberate My Library is our ongoing initiative to help diversify our collections and increase representation from groups including BAME, gender and identity, LGBT+ and disability. We want our collections to represent our staff, students and local community that we are a part of. 

To do this, staff and students are encouraged to put forward suggestions of relevant books and resource titles for us to purchase and make available within the Library.

We have created a reading list of all the titles we have added to our collections through the Liberate My Library initiative, allowing you to browse titles for inspiration. If there’s a title you feel is missing, send us your request! 

To find out more, visit our Requesting a Purchase guide.