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DULib Wellbeing: Podcasts and playlists

Podcasts and playlists

From playlists to listen to while you study to entertaining and informative podcasts, we've put together some ideas of podcasts and playlists for you to listen to for various purposes. 

BBC Mindfulness and Meditation - there are a range of wellbeing soundtracks such as natural soundscapes, slumber mix, cosy, classical and more.  

BBC Sounds - podcasts and playlists including Bookclub, The Food Programme, A History of the World in 100 Objects, The Boring Talks, You're Dead To Me (comical history programme) and various music mixes. 

BBC Podcasts – full listing of all BBC podcasts available. 

Apple Music playlists - some of Apple’s curated study and relaxation playlists include Bedtime Beats, Study Beats, Unwind, Sleep Sounds and Sleep Meditation. 

Apple Podcasts  

38 of The Best Literary & Book Podcasts For Book Lovers | Free Podcasts ( 

Purple Radio

Purple Radio is Durham's student led, multi-award winning radio channel. Home to a diverse range of podcasts including music, sport and news and much, much more.

The team at Purple Radio has created these study playlists to provide some easy-listening, relaxing, focus-orientated study soundtracks for the up-coming exam season. Whether Classical is your thing, or some chilled Indie gets you in the study mood, these playlists have you covered!

Purple Radio Music Spotify

Study: R&B // Soul // Jazz Rap

Study: Indie chill

Study: Classical

Study: Soundtracks