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Library Research Support: Open Research: Open Access Books & Book Chapters

This guide is intended to provide advice and support on open access research, including guidance around Durham Research Online (DRO), open access publishing, research data management and related topics.

Open Access for monographs and book chapters

Open access publishing is not just for journal articles and conference papers.  Publishers are increasing the options available to you to make your long-form publications open access as well. 

Below you will find details of what some publishers offer in terms of gold open access (making your final, published version open access from the publisher's website from publication) and green open access/self-archiving (making the accepted manuscript open access via a repository). 

It is important to note that where a publisher offers gold open access there is likely to be a Book Processing Charge or Chapter Processing Charge to pay (plus VAT). You may find that these costs can be met by an external funder. If you are acknowledging Wellcome funding, please see the information on their webpages. Long-form publications published from 1st January 2024 are in-scope for the new UKRI policy and funds may be available for eligible authors. Authors acknowledging UK Research Council funding may find our UKRI Policy (Longform Publications) page helpful.

If you would like to make your book or book chapter open access via Durham Research Online (DRO), please contact the DRO Team for further advice and guidance. 

Open Access options for books and book chapters (by publisher)

The following publishers offer green open access (whole book manuscript option): Policy Press (see Bristol University Press), Peter Lang, Amsterdam University Press, Bristol University Press, Central European University Press, Edinburgh University Press, Liverpool University Press and University of London Press.  

More publishers' book policies are discoverable via Jisc's OA Tool of Books:


Publisher Gold OA option (open access from the publisher's website, immediately upon publication). Green OA option (open access through a repository such as DRO)
Amsterdam University Press

Available for monographs or edited collections. 

Whole book
No embargo.
Bloomsbury Academic Available for short monographs, monographs, handbooks and edited collections.  Single book chapter or author’s own chapter
Accepted manuscript/publisher version, 6 month embargo.

Available for individual book chapters of edited collections only. 

Chapter within edited collection
Accepted manuscript, no embargo. More details here.
Bristol University Press Available for monographs. Fees vary according to length of publication. 

Whole monograph
12-month embargo (with exceptions for Plan S funded authors)
Permission to be sought from publisher

Cambridge University Press Available for monographs. Single book chapter
Accepted manuscript/publisher version, 6 month embargo
Central European University Press  Available for whole books.

Whole book
Accepted manuscript, 24 month embargo (exceptions may be discussed for funded authors prior contract discussions).

De Gruyter Available for monographs and collected volumes. -
Edinburgh University Press

Available for monographs and individual book chapters. 

Whole monograph
PDF proof on institutional repository. 36 month embargo.

Edward Elgar Publishing Available for books. Single book chapter
Submitted manuscript, 6 month embargo
Elsevier Available for books and book chapters. 

Elsevier's most recent update: Authors wishing to self-archive book chapters can continue to reach out to Global Rights to seek the relevant permissions.

The Global Rights team may be contacted using this link. 

Liverpool University Press

Available for books and individual book chapters. 

Whole monograph
Original manuscript, 24 month embargo to non-commercial, non-profit platform (e.g. DRO)

Manchester University Press Available for monographs, edited volumes and individual book chapters.  Single book chapter
Accepted manuscript, 18 month embargo
Oxford University Press Available for monographs. 

Single book chapter 
Accepted manuscript - embargo length varies by subject/output type

Open Book Publishers

No requirement for authors to pay.

(funded through print sales and Library Consortium Membership)

N/A - Open Access Publisher
Palgrave Macmillan Available for academic books and individual book chapters.  Author’s own chapter or up to 10%
Accepted Manuscript, 24 month embargo
Peter Lang Available for monographs and individual book chapters of edited collections.

Full Monographs: Accepted manuscript, 12 months embargo period; Edited collection: Each chapter individually (accepted version), embargo period 12 months

Sage Available for monographs.  Archiving Policy
Access here
May need to contact Sage directly for permission.
Springer  Available for books and individual book chapters. 

Accepted manuscript
Details and embargoes vary by output type. 

Taylor & Francis / Routledge

Available for books and individual book chapters. 

Single book chapter 
Accepted Manuscript, 18 month embargo for Humanities and Social Sciences (12 months for STEM).

Ubiquity Press

Available for books.

N/A – Open Access Publisher
UCL Press

Available for monographs, short monographs, edited volumes, and textbooks.

N/A – Open Access Publisher

University of London Press

Available for books. 

Whole book
Accepted manuscript, 12 month embargo.

White Rose

Available for monographs. 

N/A – Open Access Publisher


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