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Library Research Support: Open Research: Data citation

This guide is intended to provide advice and support on open access research, including guidance around Durham Research Online (DRO), open access publishing, research data management and related topics.


Promote your research in a new way by citing your own research data in your research paper.  The bibliographic format, recommended in the DataCite Metadata Schema 4.5, is as follows:

Creator (PublicationYear):  Title.  Version.  Publisher.​  (resourceTypeGeneral).  Persistent identifer​


Creator is a list of authors;

Version is optional;

resourceTypeGeneral describes the type of research data you created.  The resource types are listed in Appendix 1 of the DataCite Metadata Schema 4.5.  You must choose exactly one term from the list;

Persistent identifer​ is the DOI attached to your research data.  Best practice is to express your persistent identifier as a fully, resolvable hyperlink.  That is, for example, express it as instead of abbreviating it to 10.15128/r1t722h881p.  The former resolves to a landing page, the latter does not.

Example 1

Example 1:

Breckon, T ; Tiancheng, G (2018): Pretrained neural network models for Guo 2018 study, TensorFlow format.  Durham University.  (dataset).  DOI:


Example 2

Example 2:

Dabrowski, K (2018):  Computing small pivot-minors.  Durham University.  (software).  DOI: