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Inter-Library Loan renewals process has changed.

From 1st April 2023 you will no longer have to apply to renew your Inter-Library loan books. Books which are issued to your library record will be automatically extended, and you will only be asked to return Inter-Library Loan books when they are required back by the lending library.

Uncollected or Confined Inter-Library Loans will not be automatically renewed. Contact the ILL team at to request a renewal. Please notify us three days before the end of the consultation period, or the book will be returned to the lending library. 

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Ask Us

You can get in touch through our live chat service or by email, and search our FAQs for answers to your questions.

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The Inter-Library Loans (ILL) service gives staff and students of Durham University access to material not currently held by the Library. Use the links to the ILL request form whenever you find them in Discover, or ConneXions and the form will be automatically populated with the book or article details. A blank ILL request form is also available at the top of each page in Discover, or you can use this link to the Inter-Library Loan form to make a request.  

Use the form to tell us what you want: a book, thesis, book chapter, journal article (or whole journal issue) and we will email you when the item is available.

Articles will be delivered to your Durham University email address, or to an alternate address if you supply one on the form.

Whole books borrowed from another library via ILL will need to be collected from the Bill Bryson Library (and some will be confined to the library). Postal Loans will not be possible. If you need a delivery option which is not available, then contact us to discuss alternative solutions.

Before you start:

  • Check our catalogue to confirm that the book or journal is not available in our library.  

  • Check the internet. A quick internet search can find review papers, open access journals, government publications and old books, which are out of copyright.  


General Data Protection: Most inter-library loans are processed without supplying your personal information to parties outside of Durham, however your email address may be shared with The British Library to enable them to deliver scanned articles directly to you. No personal data is shared for the purposes of supplying loans. Here is a link to British Library's Privacy Policy statement

Contact us:

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