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Research Skills: Evaluating your search

A guide to help you improve your research skills: make the most of your time to find and retrieve the information you need.

Overview - Finding Information: Evaluating your Search

This guide provides guidance to help you think critically about the sources you find, and evaluate them in the context of your research or project:

  1. Existing Guidance: As we develop our guidance and support to deliver in an online form, we have provided links to existing online guidance on critical evaluation, which you can work through yourself or use to support your teaching.
  2. The CRAAP Test: A quick check sheet from the CILIP Information Literacy Group outlining some of the key questions to ask about the sources you have found.

Existing Guidance

Whatever information you find you will need to evaluate it in terms of its relevancy to your work and also its quality and accuracy.

This is particularly important when using information from the Internet because anyone can publish on the Web. The resources listed below offer guides and tips on what to look out for.

The CRAAP Test

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