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Our Services - Decolonising your reading list toolkit: Step 4 Meet diverse ranges of reading resources

This guide provides information about decolonising reading lists and provides you with advice and guidance on best practice.


Editor: Yuka Atsuchi 

Decolonisation Library Intern ( April 2023 - July 2023) 

2nd year Natural Science Student 

Use the below tools and websites to access publications from across the world. Use the decolonisation approaches you decided on from Step 2 and the keywords that are identified in Step.3. Let’s try to find more diverse and inclusive readings!  

University resources  

Multidisciplinary world searching 

  • Scopus 
  • Google Scholar  
  • Free academic paper catalogue where you can do a regional search for publications. It gives research distribution graphs with date, regions and institutions.  You can filter papers related to a certain topic from specific countries by "Institution Country/ Region".

( academic paper research and filtering into regions) 

Databases around the world  

When you find good reading resources, you can easily add to Talis Aspire reading list using the bookmarking tool


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This toolkit is still developing. If you have any thoughts or enquiries, please share with us.