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Our Services - Decolonising your reading list toolkit: Step 5 Reflecting on the changes to your reading lists

This guide provides information about decolonising reading lists and provides you with advice and guidance on best practice.


Editor: Yuka Atsuchi 

Decolonisation Library Intern ( April 2023 - July 2023) 

2nd year Natural Science Student 

The last step is "reflecting on your new reading lists" using questions. 

  • How do you define "Decolonisation"? 
  • What is your main approach to decolonising and diversifying the reading list? 
  • How much of your reading list is diverse in geographic location, ethnicity, gender or dates of publication?  
  • Have you identified any marginalized voices in your reading list?  
  • Can all students and academic staff see themselves reflected in your reading list?  
  • Have you gained new perspectives through decolonising your reading list? 

You can also re-evaluate your reading list by using the visualising tool from Step 1

It is also important to receive and invite reflections from your colleagues, students and librarians.

If you have any resources or tips that would be useful to include in this guide, please share them with us.

I hope this toolkit has helped your decolonisation path and provided a wider reading opportunity. If you have any questions or thoughts, please share them with us at or speak to your Faculty Librarian.


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This toolkit is still developing. If you have any thoughts or enquiries, please share with us.