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Library Research Support: Share your Research

Support for Research Staff & Research Students

Sharing your Research (Image credit Gerd Altmann, CC0, Pixabay)

Effectively communicating and sharing your research is a key step to realising the potential impact of your research. These pages highlight policies, resources and guidance available to you to help disseminate your research through traditional and non-traditional scholarly communication channels.

Your Faculty Librarian

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James Bisset
Durham University | University Library and Collections | Bill Bryson Library | Stockton Road | Durham | DH1 3LY
+44 191 334 1589

Authorship & Acknowledgments

Authorship (Image Credit jestemrobert, CC0, Pixabay)


Request an ISBN (Image cc0)

Where to Publish?

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Your Online Footprint

Social Media for Researchers (Image cc0 Pixabay)

ORCID & Author IDs

ORCID and other author identifiers (Image is ORCID logo)

Post-Publication Checklist

Post Publication Checklist (Image cc0, Pexels)

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