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Study Skills: Studying and revising

Preparation and organisation for studying and revising

Your study environment

Find study spaces where you can be productive. This could be in the Library or the Teaching and Learning Centre, it could be at home or in your college. 

Avoid distracting music unless it aids your concentration and productivity. Some people find ambient music helps them to focus.

Switch off your phone or silence it with the screen hidden to minimise distractions 

Revision notes

Make flashcards/mind maps/audio recordings/timelines to help summarise key the theories, concepts, and connections relevant to your module. Choose whatever suits your learning style best. 

When making revision notes

  • Paraphrase - Do not copy text. Putting the information into your own words will help you to remember it better.   

  • Summarise - What have you learnt from reading or listening to this source? Try to put this into bullet points to help you remember. 

  • After each activity, reflect on what you have learned to reinforce your understanding 

Try explaining the concepts you are learning aloud (if the study environment you are working in permits it!)

Test yourself

Look at past exam papers to get an idea of questions from previous years - this will allow you to be prepare more effectively. 

Practice questions under timed conditions, especially for STEM subjects. For humanities/essay-based subjects, writing essay plans and points in bullet points (not in full) may be more helpful. 

Looking after yourself

Take regular breaks. And when you do so, try to take a break from screens (inlcluding your phone!) and get some fresh air. Visit our Wellbeing Guide for ideas and resources.

If you feel you are struggling or feel under too much pressure, talk to someone. The worst thing you can do is to struggle alone. Talk to your peers and get in touch with Student Support and Wellbeing

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