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Our Services: Reading Lists: Requesting Purchases

A guide on how to create and maintain reading lists using Talis Aspire

Need to know

Books not available through the Library can be added to a list by bookmarking them from a commercial supplier like Amazon or the publisher's web pages and adding them to the relevant Talis reading list. To facilitate blended teaching and learning, the Library will try to purchase e-books in the first instance. 

How do I request a purchase?

To request purchases, you must first add the relevant resources to your Talis reading list and then request a review. Remember to publish the list again to reflect any changes in the students' view,

Further guidance for requesting purchases is available in the following guide:

Tip! The Library will always let you know of any items that are unavailable to purchase so you can consider alternative texts.

Requesting Reviews

To request a review, select 'Request review' from the 'edit' menu at the top of the Talis list to send it to the Library.  This is particularly important if you have added any books that need purchasing or designated new items as 'essential'. 

Requesting a review is what alerts the Library that changes have been made to your list or that new purchases are required.

To be fair to all tutors and students, reviews are processed in the order the Library receives them. As there is a queue, please submit requests that students need as early as possible.