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Our Services: Reading Lists: Requesting Digitisation

A guide on how to create and maintain reading lists using Talis Aspire

Why should I use the Digitisation service?

Scanning chapters, articles or extracts currently only available in hard copy improves their accessibility to students, making essential reading available 24/7 to all students enrolled in your module. We undertake the checks and paperwork necessary to ensure compliance with copyright law.

What can be scanned?

The original text from which we take the scan must be owned by the university, or be a copyright fee paid extract supplied by an organisation holding a document delivery licence with the UK's Copyright Licensing Agency (e.g. British Library).

The original text must be published by participating publishers in the UK or participating international territories and not be excluded from scanning by the rights holder.

Tip! The CLA's Check Permissions tool allows you to check whether or not we can copy from a particular text. This provides indicative guidance only - the Library will provide a more definitive answer on processing your requests.

We cannot scan printed music (including the words) | maps and charts | newspapers | unpublished material | any work in which the copyright owner has expressly stipulated that "permission is not granted for copying under licences issued by The Copyright Licensing Agency"

How do I request a scan?

Please submit requests for digitisation through your reading list on Talis Aspire. Do this by finding your list in Talis Aspire clicking the action button (three dots) to the right of the respective book within it, selecting the 'Request digitisation' option and following the prompts. In most cases you should only need to add the page numbers of the section you need. Further guidance is available in the following guide:

Please note:

Due to the high volume and to be fair to all tutors and students, digitisation requests will continue to be processed in the order the Library receives them. As there is a queue, please submit requests for extracts that students need as early as possible.  

How much can be scanned?

The proportion of a work that can be scanned consists of whichever is the greater of 10% of the total page count or:

One chapter of a book | one article of a journal issue | one paper of one set of conference proceedings | one report of a single case from a report of judicial proceedings | one short story or one poem of not more than 10 pages in an anthology. 

Important: We cannot cycle the availability of multiple scans on a rolling basis over the year to circumvent the copyright limits. The extracts you choose when setting your list up cannot be substituted later in the term/year when they are finished with to make way for new materials needed later. You can select different extracts from one academic year to the next to account for changes in the module content/structure if needed, though. The rule is maximum 10% of any given book's total page count per module per academic year.