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Our Services - Decolonising your reading list toolkit: Step 3 Find keywords for resource search

This guide provides information about decolonising reading lists and provides you with advice and guidance on best practice.


Editor: Yuka Atsuchi 

Decolonisation Library Intern ( April 2023 - July 2023) 

2nd year Natural Science Student 

The words you search for will greatly impact the sources you find. You should include words that represent different voices and terms related to colonisation and decolonisation. 

Some words and names commonly used in western languages might be used differently other cultures and communities. For example: Ayers Rock v. Uluru.

To expand the research range, it is important to include these alternative names when searching. 


Approaches to refining your search statements for decolonisation 


Try these resources to diversify your search

Search techniques​
Decolonisation words 
Period and regions of colonisation and decolonisation 



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This toolkit is still developing. If you have any thoughts or enquiries, please share with us.