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Archives and Special Collections: Digitised Collections Online: Mirador collection viewer

Mirador collection viewer

This viewer has been adapted from our standard Mirador 2 viewer to display groups of material. A few features of the standard viewer have been removed but once you are viewing a single item it works in much the same way.

This viewer presents the result of a search that has returned a set of more than one item. This could be a sequence of annual works (like the Durham University calendar) or a run of newspapers over more than sixty years (such as the Durham student newspaper Palatinate). Where the search has returned a single group of items, the collection will be named top left of the screen and the items will appear in the main column (filling the rest of the screen) as thumbnails of the opening pages of each item (if there are many items the thumbnails may take some time to appear). Scroll down this column to find the item required and click on it to open it the viewer.

Mirador collection viewer screenshot

If the search returns a nested collection of collections, the overall collection will be named as before in the top left of the screen, with each sub-collection listed in the next column and most of the rest of the screen blank.

Mirador viewer collection view screenshot

Scroll down the list of sub-collections and click on the one required. This will either open another sub-collection list, or load thumbnails for each item into the blank area. From here, you can select the item required.

Mirador collection image viewer screenshot


To get back to the initial group of items, click on the button "Go back to list of available digitised items" in the top bar. The help button opens this page.