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Our services: Accessibility and Support: Access and Evacuation

Bill Bryson Library

Bill Bryson Library at night

Access is on level ground via a power-assisted door.
There are disabled parking bays near the main entrance, adjacent to the Geography building. For more information on parking, please email prior to your visit.
The Bill Bryson Library has card-operated entrance gates, including an accessible gate. There are two lifts available within the building.  

Palace Green Library

Palace Green Library

There are steps just inside the building. Lifts are available for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility.  

ISC Library, Stockton

The Library is in the Ebsworth Building. There are disabled parking bays in front of the building. The Library is on the second floor and is accessible via two lifts. The ISC Library has a turnstile entrance. If you need assistance with the turnstile, please ask a member of staff at the Reception Point.  


If you require assistance in an evacuation in any of our libraries, please contact our Disability Co-ordinator.