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Museums, Galleries and Exhibitions: Making an appointment


Making an appointment

Please use our Researcher Guidelines to help us plan your visit with you.

Due to limited space and Covid safety restrictions, we are restricted with the number of researchers we are able to welcome.  We strongly advise that you do not make travel arrangements until we have confirmed a date and time for your visit.  


Subject to limitations of staff and space resource, research access to our collections is available at the times listed below. Please be aware that research visits cannot be outside these periods.

Oriental Museum

Monday - Friday

10am – 5pm

Museum of Archaeology



Durham Castle



Bioscience Collections



Western Art Collections



If you have booked a research visit and find that you expect to be delayed, please inform museum staff as soon as possible on 0191 334 5691 or by emailing the relevant member of staff. 

 Contact Details


If you have any specific access requirements or will need additional support, please let us know in advance so that we can work with you to plan your visit.